Sankranthi Celebrations @ Kamareddy

సంక్రాంతి పండుగ వేడుకలు @ కామారెడ్డి
  • Celebrated on/during: January
  • Significance:

    Sankranthi is celebrated in Telangana for three days.

    The first day of Makara Sankranthi is called as BOGHI Panduga. This is an interesting event to watch. During this day, people light bonfires with woods. They throw the old unwanted things from home and burn it.

    The vibe mode of the real festival starts today. This day is called as the MAKARA SANKRANTHI. During this day people wake up before sunrise and decorated the front of their house with Rangoli or “muggu” using rice flour. They make it beautiful according to their creativity using colours, flowers and Cow dung in the center of the Rangoli. Everyone in the house wears new clothes and the food is the most important, in the tradition of celebration. They celebrate with traditionally cooked delicious food to express their joy. They have food along with their family in banana leaf, which is not only culture but a form of expressing hospitality.

    KANUMA, the third day of Makara Sankranthi is specially dedicated for farmers. during this day people feel their gratitude towards them. In other words, this festival is for both gods, the divine god sun and the living God who feeds us with food. This is the day to rejoice our culture and teach our next generation about agriculture and its importance. They worship and showcase their cattle that symbolizes prosperity.

    On last day of Makara Sankranthi MUKKANUMA, Farmers offer prayers to the elements such as soil, rain, and fire for helping the harvest. People eat meat delicacies on the last day.

  • Popular Edibles : Garijalu OR Kajjikaya, Sarva Pindi
  • Festive Attires :

    On this special occasion, women dress up in the traditional Saree, jewels and other accessories. Teenage girls wear half Saris/Lehenga Choli, and ornaments to bring out the traditional grace of the attire. Opting for a traditional attire for this occasion will elevate your look this festive season. Like any other festival, Sankranthi also means new clothing and traditional fashion. Women love dressing up each day of this festival.