Amma Odi & KCR Kit

Date : 02/06/2017 - | Sector: GOVERNMENT

Thinking about the welfare of pregnant women and their newborn baby, Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao launched KCR Kit Scheme. In this scheme, the mother and kid care items will be provided to newborn babies and their mothers. And beneficiaries will get the benefit’s until baby turns to three months, and  Financial Assistance of Rs 12,000 will be provided for Baby Boy and Rs 13,000 for Baby Girl./- will be given to pregnant women.

The items list under KCR Kit scheme:

  1. Special Mother and Child care soap,
  2. Newborn Baby bed, Baby Oil,
  3. Baby mosquitos net,
  4. Sarees for mother,
  5. Hand Bags,
  6. Towel & Napkins,
  7. Dresses for baby,
  8. Baby Powder,
  9. Diapers,
  10. Baby Shampoo,
  11. Kid Toys.

KCR Kit scheme intends :

  • To provide quality healthcare throughout pregnancy and post-delivery

  • To encourage public/government institutional deliveries

  • To ensure full immunization for the new born

  • To reduce Maternal Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality Rate

  • To compensate for ‘wage loss’

Amma Vodi scheme provides free transport facilities in an ambulance to diagnostic services for regular check-ups and tests for pregnant women in Telengana. The vehicle will then drop the pregnant women back to their homes.


KCR kit consists of clothes, quality baby soaps, baby oil, baby powder, mosquito nets, toys, napkins, and diapers.

kcr kit telangana baby care welfare


kcr kit telangana baby care welfare financial assistance


All pregnant women who receive health service through public/government health institutions in Telangana during pre- and post-natal periods.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Women who give birth at government hospitals, for a maximum of two deliveries.

  • Beneficiaries who belong to the Telangana State

  • Must have an Aadhaar card


Following people are not eligible for this scheme.

  • If beneficiary have more than two live children.

  • For deliveries before 2nd June 2017.

  • If beneficiary has taken treatment from non- government hospitals (eg: private hospital)

  • If beneficiary’s Aadhaar card does not belong to the Telangana state.


  • Beneficiaries can register at their nearest Primary Health Center or any government hospital (or) by providing their details to ASHA Workers.

  • Registration is done by DEO/ANM (DEO: Data Entry Operator, ANM: Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) by taking details from the beneficiary (i.e Aadhaar no,name,age,address,phone no,LMP date,registration date,bank account details etc). 

  • Registration process is shown below.

kcr kit telangana baby care welfare registration process

KCR Kit Impact

KCR Kit scheme has not only led to an increase in the number of deliveries in the government hospitals but has also improved regular Antenatal (ANC) check-up and even immunization. Out of 14 lakh deliveries that took place since the launch of the KCR Kits scheme, close to 13 lakh children have received full immunization in the first three and half months while over 10 lakh children have received complete immunization after nine months.


women and children


beneficiaries will get the benefit's until baby turns to three months, and a financial aid of 12000/- will be given to pregnant women,Monetary benefit, Scholarships, Subsidy, etc.

How To Apply

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