Mission Bhagiratha

Date : 01/05/2016 - | Sector: TELANGANA WATER GRID PROJECTS:
Mission-Bhagiratha scheme

Vision: To ensure safe and sustainable PIPED drinking water supply from surface water sources.

Scope : The Project comprises 26 segments in 32 districts.

Structures: Intake Structures ,WTP’s, Over Head Balancing Reservoirs (OHBRs)/ GLBRS ,(OHSRs).

State Initiatives: Flagship Programme.

Mission Bhagiratha Geography: Geographical features of project based on Area,Sources and Scale of supply.

Pipeline Network: classified into transmission pipeline and distribution pipeline.

Project Highlights: The project was investigated, designed and estimated by the Mission Bhagiratha Department.

The entire project is divided into 26 segments, comprising 25,000 habitations, at an estimated cost of ₹42,853 crores. The Krishna and Godavari rivers and existing reservoirs will be interlinked to collect, reserve and supply treated drinking water in the state, to every household in over 25,000 villages and 65 towns. The target is to provide 100 liters drinking water per person in rural areas, and 150 liters per person in urban areas. Around 4 TMC is planned for industrial use. The project had to take 13,000 permissions from various departments like railways, defense, national highways, forest, irrigation, panchayat raj, roads & buildings, etc.

Telangana Drinking Water Supply Corporation (TDWSCL) was established by the government to implement Mission Bhagiratha. There are 59 overhead and ground-level tanks. 40 TMC water is sourced from tanks and reservoirs, the area range from 100 acres to 10,000 acres.

The piping system runs through 1.697 lakh kilometers. The electricity required is 182 megawatts.


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