• The main functions of the Adult Education Department is to plan and implement the Programme of eradication of illiteracy among the adults of 15+ age group in the State and to plan and implement the Continuing Education Programme scheme to sustain and improve skills and also to create lifelong learning environment for the target group and others.
  • Under Adult Education activities we are implementing Saakshar Bharat Programme in the District for eradication of Illiteracy and also the continuing Education activities through Adult Education Centres in the District.
  • The Government of Telangana State is committed to ensuring that Telangana will not be just a literate but a knowledge society capable of meeting the challenges posed by the 21st Century and will provide avenues to every person to realize his or her full potential through equitable access to education opportunities.


  • Impart functional literacy and numeracy to non-literate and non -numerate adults.
  • Enable the neo – literate adults to continue their learning beyond basic literacy and acquire equivalency to formal educational system.
  • Impart non-literate and neo-literates relevant skill development programmes to improve their earning and living conditions.
  • Promote a learning society by providing opportunities to neo-literate adults for Continuing Education.