Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas:

Department Schemes:

  • Employment through skill training and placement(EST&P)
  • Self Employment Programme (SEP)
  • Social Mobilisation and Institutional Development(SMID)
  • Support to urban street vendors(SUSV)
  • Shelter for urban homeless(SUH)
  • Capacity building and training programme(CB&T)
  •  Innovation and Special Projects (ISP)


  • Provide an asset to the urban poor in the form of skills for sustainable livelihood.
  • Financial assistance to individuals / groups of urban poor for setting up gainful self-employment also support Self Help Groups (SHGs) of urban poor to access easy credit from bank and avail interest subsidy on SHG loans.
  • Building Community Institutions – Self Help Groups & Their Federations.
  • Universal Financial Inclusion.
  • Revolving Fund Support to SHGs & Their Federations.
  • City Livelihood Center.
  • Training for Community Institutions, SHGs and Their Federations.
  • Provides a source of self-employment, and acts as a measure of urban poverty alleviation.
  • Ensure availability and access of the urban homeless population to permanent shelters including the basic infrastructure facilities like water supply, sanitation,safety and security.
  • Provide high quality technical assistance in the field of livelihood promotion and urban poverty alleviation.
  • Implement a time-bound programme to demonstrate an approach that is likely to have wide implications for sustaining urban Poverty alleviation efforts.

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