Culinary Delights

పచ్చి పులుసు @ కామారెడ్డి
Pachi Pulusu
Type:   Appetizers,Beverages,Desserts

Pachi Pulusu : Pachi Pulusu is an unheated version of the hot tamarind soup (pulusu). It is mainly a summer…

గరిజలు లేదా కజ్జికాయ
Garijalu OR Kajjikaya
Type:   Desserts,Snacks

Garijalu: The outer pastry of these delicious half-moon dumplings are made of plain flour.Also known as Kajjikaya, this is a…

Jonna Rotte
Jonna Rotte OR Jowar Ki Roti
Type:   Main Course

Jonna Rotte: The popular dishes of the Kamareddy regions are Jonna Roti (Flatbread made with sorghum) With jowar being a…

Sarva Pindi
Type:   Snacks

Kamareddy,Telangana cuisine is a food culture unique to Telangana Region. its topography dictates more millets and roti based dishes. Jowar…

Biryani @ Kamareddy
Type:   Main Course

Biryani : Biryani is the first thing that comes to the mind when a foodie visits Kamareddy. Both gosht (meat)…

Desi Chicken Biryani
Desi Chicken Biryani @ Kamareddy
Type:   Main Course

Kamareddy’s Natu Kodi Desi Chicken Biryani is famous It is prepared from rice using the dum method of cooking, and…