The District derived its name Kamareddy from the ruler of Domakonda Fort Chinna Kamireddy, who ruled this area during AD 1600 to 1640. The old name of this place is KODURU. This village exists in the place where Kishtamma Gudi now existing. In Harijanwada area there was a temple called KODURU HANMANDLA GUDI. This temple is the oldest in the History of Kamareddy.

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District At a Glance :

  • Area: 3667 Sq. Km.
  • Population: 972625
  • Language: Telugu
  • Villages: 526
  • Male: 478389
  • Female: 494236
Jitesh V Patil
Jitesh V Patil, IAS Collector & District Magistrate, Kamareddy