• The powers and functions of the Zilla Parishad are specified in Section 192 of the PR.Act.
  • The Zilla Parishad and its Standing Committees will receive, examine, and accord sanctions wherever they are proposed and recommended within the purview of subjects allotted to them. (These 29 subjects are included in the Eleventh Schedule and also in Schedule I).

Department Activities:

Besides the role of review, monitoring of plan and non plan schemes specified under the schedule I of the Act, the ZILLA PRAJA PARISHAD will also exercise the following functions.

      1. Examine and approve the budgets of MANDAL PRAJA PARISHADs within district.
      2. Distribute the funds allotted to the District by the Central or State Government among the MANDAL PRAJA PARISHADs and Mandals within districts for which MANDAL PRAJA PARISHADs are not constituted i.e.
        • 8 per capita grant
        • seigniorage grant
        • SFC grant.
      3. Coordinate and consolidate the plans prepared in respect of the Mandals within the district and prepare plans in respect of the entire district.
      4. Secure the execution of the plans, projects, schemes or other works either solely relating to the individual Mandals or common to two or more Mandals in the district.
      5. Supervise generally the activities of the MANDAL PRAJA PARISHAD s in the district.
      6. Exercise and perform such of the powers and functions in relating to any development programme as the Government may by notification confer on or entrust to it.
      7. Advise Government on all Matters relating the developmental activities and maintenance of services in the district, whether undertaken by local authorities or Government.
      8. Advise the Government on allocation of work among Gram Panchayats and MANDAL PRAJA PARISHADs and coordination of work between the said bodies and among the various Gram Panchayats themselves.
      9. Advise the Government on meetings concerning the implementation of any statutory or executive order specially referred to by the Government to the ZILLA PRAJA PARISHADs.
      10. Collect such date as it deems necessary.
      11. Publish statistics or other information relating to the activities of the local authorities.
      12. Require any local authority to furnish information regarding its activities.
      13. Accept trusts relating exclusively to the furtherance of any purpose for which its funds may be applied.
      14. Establish, maintain or expand secondary, vocational and industrial schools.
      15. Borrow money for carrying out the purposes of this Act, with the previous approval of the Government and subjects to such terms and conditions as may be prescribed.
        • The ZILLA PRAJA PARISHAD may, with the approval of the Government, levy contributions from the funds of the MANDAL PRAJA PARISHADs in the District.
        • The resolutions of the Standing Committees have to brought before the general body which is empowered either to approve, modify, alter or rescind such resolutions.
        • The ZILLA PRAJA PARISHAD may make Byelaws under the powers vested under sub-section (2) of sec.259 read with sections 266 & 270 after obtaining approval of the Government.
        • The ZILLA PRAJA PARISHAD will review the performance under Developmental activities takenup by ZPP / MPP / PR & RWS Engineering wings in its general body meetings.
        • The Government will allocate and release the funds to ZPP in following grants.
          • SFC grant
          • 4 per capita grant
          • segniorage grant

Office Staff Contacts:

S.No. Name Designation Mobile Number Email Address
1 Saya Goud CEO 9440394281 ceo-kmr-zp[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Kanaparthi Srinivas Superintendent 9849009793
3 Gurijala Manohar Superintendent 9441316743
4 Duvvala Krishnamohan Senior Assistant 9397310449
5 Mamidiwar Hanmandlu Senior Assistant 9963872753
6 Votarkar Gopal Krishna Kumar Senior Assistant 9441646812
7 Gaddam Vinaya Reddy Senior Assistant 8919645737
8 Ghulekar Santosh Junior Assistant 9490770907
9 Jugge Madhuri Junior Assistant 9490771797
10 Rakasipet Charan Kanth Junior Assistant 9949499898
11 Dyagala Venkata Swamy Junior Assistant 9440041426
12 Waghmore Ramakanth Junior Assistant 9440480540
13 Jaksani Ravinder Junior Assistant 9440129129
14 Billa Sreedevi Junior Assistant 8498881883
15 Rathnavath Gangadhar Junior Assistant 9490628966
16 Suthrala Prashanth Junior Assistant 8686418686
17 Jessu Krupasindhu Junior Assistant 8099050066
18 Neela Shylender  Junior Assistant 9000604330
19 Kancharla Sudheer Typist 9441044494