• The DCO is the Head of the Cooperative Department in the district.
  • There are (6) Cooperative Clusters ie., Kamareddy, Bhiknoor, Sadashivnagar, Yellareddy, Banswada and Pitlam, headed by an Officer of the rank of Asst.Registrar of sCooperative Societies.
  • In addition to above one post of Deputy Registrar / Audit Officer in the O/o DCO, Kamareddy, who will look after entire audit of Cooperative Societies existing in the district, registered under TSCS Act.1964.


  1. Main Activities :

  • The main functions of the Department are to register the societies under TSCS Act.1964 & MACS Act.1995 and to look after their sound functioning and to run on sound lines.
  • Discharging Statutory duties i.e. Inquiries U/s 51, Inspections U/s 52, Conduct of elections to PACS and other societies, Liquidations, Arbitration and Execution of Eps, Surcharge, Submission of feasibility reports for organizing of societies and amendment within the time as prescribed.
  • Audit of all the Cooperative Societies both existing under the control of the Registrar and Functional Registrars, for every financial year ending with March, conduct of test audit and issue Final Audit Certificates of the Cooperative Societies, rectification of Audit defects, stock verification at godowns of PACS/ FSCS.
  • Monitor the conduct of members education programmes in villages by Telangana state Cooperatives union, Hyderabad.
  • Sensitize the managing committee of the societies for proper functioning.
  • Assist the societies in preparation of development plans.
  • To oversee developmental activities of societies.
  • Guide organization of new societies by guiding prospective promoters in the societies.
  1. Monitoring activities: The field staff shall monitor the following activities of PACS and FSCS.

  • Loans and Advances: The main object of the department is to help the farmer / members of the societies by providing ST, LT, MT and Fertilizer & Seeds Loans, through (54) PACS & (1) F.S.C.S. in the District to bring out the farmers from the clutches of money lenders. The Credit Structure of the district is Potential.
  • FERTILIZER BUSINESS UNDER TAKEN BY PACS:The PACSs and FSCS shall maintains buffer stock of Fertilizers (DAP, Complex Fertilizers and Urea) and distributes the same among the members/farmers to avoid any hardship in the availability of fertilizers at MRP. In Kamaeddy District, the 54 PACSs and 1 FSCSs are undertaking fertilizer business.
  • SUBSIDY SEED:The PACSs and FSCS shall supply Seed to the farmers on subsidy rates.
  • PROCUREMENT:(54) The Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies and (1) Farmers service Cooperative Society are Acts as agents of government for procurement of agricultural produces and these are engaged in procurement of Agricultural products for the past 17 seasons from the farmers by opening Procurement Centers and paid Minimum Support Price to the farmers.
  • GODOWNS:All (55) societies having godowns with the capacity of 100 MTs, 250 MTs and 500 MTs. The PACSs and FSCS are act as warehousing agency and by own shall construct its own go-downs or hire go-downs for the storage of fertilizer and other goods.
  • HARITHA HARAM : The PACSs and FSCS are participating in Government’s flagship program like Telangana ku Haritha Haram in every year by fixing targets by their own and planting large no.of plants. And also promoting their members to do so.

The following officers and staff will be available at mobile numbers & emails shown against their names, in case any assistance needed from the department.

Sl. No Name and Designation Mobile No eMail ID
1 Sri.G.Srinivas ,DCO, Kamareddy 9100115755
2 Sri R.Kiran Kumar,DR/A.O, Kamareddy 9441041835
3 Sri.S.Bhoomaiah, AR/Superintendent (Office) 9440104853


Sl. No Name and Designation Mobile No
1 Sri.K.Lakshmipathi, 9848645534
Senior Inspector, Kamareddy
2 Sri.U.Sailu, 9492479290
Senior Inspector, Bhiknoor
3 Sri.Syed Masiuddin, 9849926324
Senior Inspector, Bhiknoor
4 Sri D.Vishwanath, 9848345658
Junior Inspector, Bhiknoor
5 Sri.J.Nagesh, 9866973488
Senior Inspector, SadashivaNagar
6 Smt. Ch.Radhika, 8500885457
Junior Inspector, S.S Nagar
7 Sri.S.Rahul 9703811318
Senior Inspector , Yellareddy
8 Sri G. Narsimloo, 9948537384
Senior Inspector, Yellareddy
9 Sri P.Karunakar Reddy 9441406190
Senior Inspector, Banswada
10 Sri Abdul Kaleem 7386553535
Senior Inspector, Pitlam
11 Sri. V.Nagaraju 9866236643
Senior Inspector, Pitlam
12 K.Shravan Kumar 8125142115
Jr.Inspector , Pitlam
13 Sri M.A.Aleem 9392672356
Junior Inspector Pitlam