Sc Corporation


  • The District S.C.Service Co-op.Society Ltd.,  The main objective to provide financial assistance for creation of income generating assets to the poor Scheduled Caste households for Socio-Economic Development. 
  • The District Society implements various Self Employment, Economic Support Schemes for the economic development of SC families in the District, through Annual SC Action Plans every year as per the target allocations and guidelines communicated by the Head Office, TSSCCDC Ltd., Hyderabad.

Main Objective:

  • The main objective is to provide financial assistance for the creation of income-generating assets to the poor Scheduled Castes households for Social and Economic Development.
  • The Society has been established with the following main objectives:
  • To provide financial assistance for the creation of income generating assets.
  • To offer training programmes for skill up-gradation leading to self/ wage employment.
  • To empower women self-help groups for taking up economic support activity.
  • To plug critical gaps of finance in economic support schemes.
SC Corporation Schemes
SI.No. Name of the Scheme
1 Scheme without Bank Linkage
2 Land Purchase Scheme
3 Land Developement Scheme
  A)One year crop Assistant for LPS Beneficiaries
  B)Minor Irrigation under LPS
  1)Borewell with submersible pump
  2)Shallows tube wells with submersible pump sets
  3)Submersible pumpsets to borewells
  4)Oil Engines
  5)Pipe line
  1)Service connection charges
  2)ORC Line laying charges
4 Pavalavaadi Scheme
5 Training Programmes
6 District Initiatives(AIDS victims,Disabled)
7 Infrastructure (for Shopping Complex/Skill upgradation centres
8 EDP for selected beneficiaries
9 Beneficiary Awareness/Publicity Programme
  1)Total-without Bank linkage
  2) Bank Linked Schemes
10 Economic Support Schemes
  1) Self-employement Schemes
  category-1 (unit cost upto 1.00lakh)
  Category-2(unit cost 1.00- 2.00 lakh)
  Category-3(unit cost 2.00- 10.00 lakh)
11 Transport Sector
  a)DCM Toyota
  b) Car Taxi 
  c)Car Taxi with UBER Tie-up
  d) TATA Sumo/Toofan
  e) Tractor with Trolley
  f)Auto Trolley Goods
  g) Passenger Auto
  h)Seven Seater Auto Diesel/ E-Autos
12 Vulnerable Groups
  a)Assistance to Leather Workers F& T (Mochis)
  b) Assistance to Safai Karamcharis
  c)Rehabillitation of Bonded Labour
  d) Rehabilitation scheme to the Gudumba effected persons
  e)Rehabilitation of Jogins
  f)Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers
  h)Rehabilitation of atrocity cases

Annual Plan Application Form(PDF 977 K.B)

SC Corporation Department Employee Details :

S.No Name Designation  Mobile Number  Email id
1 T.Dayanand Executive Director  9550752758 ed-kmr-sccd[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Midde Yashoda Senior Assistant 9848285878 sa1-kmr-sccd[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
3 D.Praveen kumar Senior Assistant 9949952511 sa2-kmr-sccd[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
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