Kamareddy district is endowed with rich livestock resources characterized by subsidiary dairy animals, small dairy units, backyard poultry, specialized poultry farming, extensive sheep flock, often migratory system etc. Livestock plays an important role in improvement of rural Livelihood.

The mandate given to Animal husbandry department is to build the health of the nation by increasing the availability of Animal origin foods like milk, meat and eggs to human population through scientific breeding, feeding and disease management of livestock. Besides, it strives to improve the wealth of the nation by enhancing the animal productivity and their production. In addition, various livestock based poverty alleviation programmes are implemented by the Department.

The charter of the Animal Husbandry Department in brief:

  • Improving the production potential by way of breed up gradation in cattle and buffaloes through Artificial insemination.
  • Providing preventive and curative health care to livestock through constant vigil on disease outbreaks, rendering preventive vaccinations, de worming and treatment of ailing animals.
  • Augmenting fodder production to meet the nutritional requirements of livestock.
  • Providing relief measures to livestock during natural calamities.
  • Building awareness among farmers on profitable livestock production.
  • Coordinating with health department in controlling diseases of zoonotic importance.
  • Providing technical support to livestock based poverty alleviation programme.
  • Updating the skills of technical as well as Para veterinary staff at regular intervals in the areas of scientific breeding, feeding and management of livestock.
Type of animal Population (in millions)
Cattle 112114
Buffellows 180613
Sheep 573700
Goat 167824
Veterinary Hospitals

Office Staff at Kamareddy District :

S.No. Name Designation Mobile Number Email Address
1 Dr. K.Simha Rao District Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Officer 7337396422 dvaho-kmr-ahd[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Khadse Sanjay Kumar Assistant Director(V&AH) 9121213791 advah-kmr-ahd[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
3 Aregudem Yadaiah Superintendent (V&AH) 9247467948 supdt-kmr-ahd[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
4 Sonkamble Kishan Rao Senior Assistant (V&AH) 9490241098 sr1-kmr-ahd[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
5 Billi Laxman Rao Senior Assistant (V&AH) 9493311033 sr2-kmr-ahd[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
6 Kuthadi Prasad Senior Assistant (V&AH) 9110796176 sr3-kmr-ahd[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in

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