Irrigation and CAD Department-Minor

Restoration of Minor Irrigation tanks under flagship programme of “”MISSION KAKATIYA”” in a phased manner for five years.
De-silting the tank beds to restore original water storage capacity of tanks.
Repairing dilapidated sluices, weirs etc.,
Strengthening the tank bunds to its original standards.
Repairing the feeder channels to standards for getting water freely into tanks.
Re-sectioning of irrigation channels to standards & Repairs to CM & CD works for smooth distribution of water to fields according to their requirement

Mission Kakatiya.

Office Staff Contacts :

SI.No. Name Designation Mobile Number Email ID
1 Venkata Narsimha Rao Executive Engineer 9550463437 ee-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Sherla Venkateshwarulu Dy Executive Engineer 9440138328 dyee-ylrd-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
3 K.Prem Kumar Dy Executive Engineer 9581802211 dyee-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
4 Malpoth Ravi Kumar Dy Executive Engineer 9000800402 dyee-bnwd-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
5 Singireddy Thirupathi reddy Retired Asst Engineer 9885328380 rae-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
6 Bandam Dasharatham Retired Dy Executive Engineer 9440345865 rdyee-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
7 Ashfaq Ahmed Asst Technical Officer 9849687374 ato-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
8 Surakutla Satmaram Senior Assistant 9640224785 sa-a2-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
9 Damamkar Jagan Mohan Senior Assistant 9441768750 sa-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
10 Parangi Nagesh Senior Assistant 9441489220 sa-a1-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
11 Samala Bhakthavatsala Junior Assistant 8790707121 ja1-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
12 Mohammed Imran Junior Assistant 824794968 ja2-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
13 Sangarapu Nagaraju Junior Assistant 9951111544 ja3-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
14 Muthyam Pravalika Junior Assistant 7337098886 ja4-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in
15 Alekhya Naidu Junior Assistant 9000770914 ja5-kmr-icad[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in


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