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Jaggery @ Kamareddy

Jaggery Production :

Jaggery manufacturing is an important cottage industry in sugarcane growing regions of Kamareddy District. Natural jaggery is used as an ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes in various cuisines of India. Kamareddy District is also the largest producer and consumer of jaggery. Jaggery & Jaggery Products have been consumed in our homes for years for their various health benefits. Jaggery cleanses the body, aids in digestion and provides good amounts of minerals.

Jaggery (also called as Gur )are traditional Indian sweeteners, which are produced in addition to sugar from sugarcane. These traditional sweeteners are the natural mixture of sugar and molasses. The jaggery manufacturers are mostly small and marginal relying on quick returns from jaggery.

In Telangana State, Kamareddy region, which is famous for its jaggery, The farmers who grow sugarcane by the natural farming processes. There is no addition of chemicals and excessive fertilisers to grow the crop. These farmers harvest the crop, extract the sugarcane juice and make jaggery by heating the juice in stainless steel vessels. This entire process is carried out by the farmers with a lot of love and care making sure that the product is chemical free and hygiene is maintained.

Jaggery is also good for throat related symptoms like a dry cough, sore throat, or itching by creating a layer on the inner lining of the throat. To tackle respiratory problems like a cough or congested chest, jaggery dilates the blood vessels in the area, allowing more blood to flow, thus creating warmth in the respiratory tract. A similar function of gur is that it purifies blood by maintaining total haemoglobin count and removing any unwanted substance. This ensures that our bloodstream is free of any harmful pathogens. Our body becomes vulnerable to infections in winter because the cold and dry air are perfect conditions for microbes to procreate. Jaggery helps to cleanse the body by removing unwanted particles from various parts of the body like the respiratory tract, stomach, intestine, lungs, and food pipe. Thus jaggery acts as a guard that protects us from any potential disease.