Soybean Production @ Kamareddy

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Soybean Production at Kamareddy District

Soybean Production:

There is wider growth potential for production of certified seed production at farmer level particularly in Mandals of Gandhari, Tadwai, Rajampet, Bichkunda, Peddakodupgal, Madnur, Pitlam, Sadashiva Nagar where the predominant soils are black which are highly suitable for Soybean production. The establishment of Soybean Seed Processing unit at Gandhari / Bichkunda and one Soybean Post Processing unit at Kamareddy which will give competitive Market price to the farmers.

Kamareddy district in Telangana has adopted Soybean in a big way. District have sown the crop this Vaanakalam based on the State government’s regulated farming call. While sowing under sesame, castor and sunflower is picking up, soybean has been taken up 77,302 acres in Kamareddy District.

Soybeans are legumes and part of the pea family that is the world’s major food crop today. Soybeans have a wealth of health benefits, including prevention of Breast and Prostate Cancer, heart health, sleep disorders, metabolic activity, circulation and oxygenation, alleviation of menopausal symptoms, birth defects, bone health, healthy weight gain, diabetes and digestive Health.


Vaanakalam-2020 Major crop Cultivated  area & Expected Production Particulars of Kamareddy District Crop Actual Sown Area in Acres Productivity Qtls/ acre Total Production qtls
1 Soyabean 84350 7 590450