Sugarcane Production @ Kamareddy

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Sugarcane Production :

Kamareddy region of Telangana is known for its sugarcane production and around 70 per cent of the farmers cultivate this crop. Sugarcane is grown in Kamareddy, Sadashiva Nagur, Machareddy and Domakonda areas.

The sugarcane plantation is one of the major crops of this district. In view of this Sugar factories like Indira Sugars and Gayathri Sugar factories are established. They play an important role in the economy of the district of Kamareddy District.Sugarcane plays an important role in the economy of the district.

The sugarcane crushing season will begin at Magi in Kamareddy district and about a Many villages in Kamareddy and Surrounding Districts will supply cane to these factories.

List of Sugar Factories in Kamareddy District :

1. Gayatri Sugars Ltd, Maagi, Nizamsagar Mandal. Contact : 08465-27557(476KB)

2. Gayatri Sugars Limited, Kamareddy unit, Adloor Yellareddyvillage, Sadasivanagar Mandal. Contact : 08468 248558(467KB)