Desi Chicken Biryani @ Kamareddy

Type:   Main Course
Desi Chicken Biryani

Kamareddy’s Natu Kodi Desi Chicken Biryani is famous It is prepared from rice using the dum method of cooking, and is a common feature in weddings.

This is Kacchi Style of Biryani , where the chicken used for layering is uncooked and is placed at the bottom of the handi. Takes much longer to be prepared than a Pakki biryani, where the chicken is cooked before it is layered on the rice. A delicious biryani perfect to prepare for a dinner party and savoured with all your heart!

Kamareddy Cuisine is typically spicy and ingredients such as tamarind, sesame seeds, red chillies and asafoetida are widely used in a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Roselle is a staple item used in making curries and pickles. Sources state that while in Telangana, millet bread/roti is a staple diet its neighbouring state of Andhra prefers rice. Hyderabad (110 Kms from Kamareddy) is the capital of Telangana and is obviously wildly popular for its biryanis and Karachi biscuits.