Success Story of Jukkal Cluster of Kamareddy

Category DRDA

The SPMRM (Shyama Prasad Mukherji National Rurban Mission) which satisfied all the parameters prescribed by MoRD, GoI came as a boon to the development of the Jukkal cluster. The successful execution of the National Rurban Mission (NRuM) Scheme in the cluster has transformed the infrastructure facilities and the lives of the people to  great extent which are clearly visible in the eyes of the people.

Constructed Gram Panchayat Buildings in Jukkal Cluster for 11 Gram Panchayats.

Construction of 2 bridges in the cluster have been completed utilizing Rs.108.60 Lakhs of CGF. Minimized travelling distance from 75 KMs to 12 KMs i.e., from Jukkal to Degloor Market of Nanded District of Maharastra State. It leads to farmers getting good price their farm products. Connecting BT road to all villages in the cluster.

The LED street lights coupled with solar energy have drastically reduced the power bills of GPs. 3067 LED bulbs in all the 19 Villages.

Provided better road infrastructure in the village streets.

In addition, 16 water bodies in the cluster have been renovated utilising Rs.475 Lakhs of Convergence Funds under the State Govt’s ‘Mission Kakatiya’. Increase in the ground water recharge has been observed by the community.

Constructed a Skill Development Training Centre at Jukkal village With the cost of 90 Lakhs, the centre will impart multi skill development trainings to the unemployed youth in the cluster.

Constructed 9 Godowns with the Capacity of 8150 Mt, 13500 farmers were befitting by this godowns.

Prior to the establishment of the 5000 Litres Bulk Milk Chilling Unit at Jukkal Village private players played an important role and they paid less price. After the establishment of the unit, supply is streamlined and farmers are getting assured price.

Construction of new anganwadis, modernization and renovation of existing AWCs. and Provision of water facilities and toilets. Conducive environment for the women and children.

100% Transportation facilities along with Bus shelters.

  • Planning: Gram Panchayat has conducted Rurban house hold survey and identified felt needs of individuals and community.
  • Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) i.e., Grama Panchayat, Mandal Parishad/Block, Zilla Parishad have been fully involved.
  • Based on the felt needs, prepared Integrated Cluster Action Plan (ICAP) and Detailed Project Report (DPR).
  • At the time of the implementation of the programme wherever bottle necks (mainly allocation of land issues) occurred, the same are being sorted out in the field by the Sarpanch, MPP, ZPTC regularly.