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General Information

Mr. N. Nanda Kishore, aged about 12 years and energetic boy since child hood.

Mrs. Laxmi (mother), got married at the age of 18 years with Mr. Rama Swamy. After marriage, she got pregnancy, in this period, she regularly attended nearby hospitals for check-ups without any delay. She is frequently falling Ill and gave birth to male child.  Mr. Nanda Kishore was born, it was a happy day in her family and celebrated a big function with relatives. But after a while, she noticed our son seemed to have some difficulty in speech and intellectual disability in the age of 5 years.

Before admission in IERC :

He studied at Govt. School, Sangameshwar.  At the time of his studies, he went out of school premises without any knowledge and he went with teacher in the class rooms, he is not interested in his studies. He don’t know how to hold pen or pencil proper manner for writing, the school management have informed to parents, “to join your son in Special School”. His parents  Mrs. Laxmi and Mr. Rama Swamy said that, my son Mr. Nanda Kishore not interested to write anything and speech problem.

After admission in IERC

Mr. Nanda Kishore, is taken admission in IERC Bhavitha. He is mild MR and SI. When Kishore first came to us, he was always uncomfortable and wanted to leave the class room. At the time of admission, he used one word sentences that were not clear and expressed his needs through gestures and finger pointing, he is not interested to speak or say anything in the school. But slowly he started mingling with all students as well as teacher and C.G.V.

We adopted a play method of teaching due to which Mr. Nanda Kishore started enjoying his sessions. After few days of training, Mr. Nanda Kishore could speak two-three word sentences that fulfilled his needs. From one word, his vocabulary has increased to more than 15 words and he is interested to do painting the pictures.

He is now able to express the names of few animals and vehicles etc.  His programmatic skills have also improved and he has now been integrated into a normal school.