Kamareddy Veterinary Doctor RaviKiran conducted Oesophagatomy in a buffalo

Category Veterinary and Animal Husbandry

Dr RaviKiran conducted oesophagatomy in a buffalo and releived choke(obstruction in oesophagus) which rarely occurs and saved the life of animal.

Details are here :
Animal suffering from Choke (Obstruction of oesophagus with a plastic) from last 3 days. Which is the emergency condition, immediately need to remove plastic from oesophagus. Initially try to remove foreign body with the help of gauze, but not possible. Lady option is to remove plastic with Oesophagotomy surgery. Immediately planned for Surgery and removed plastic material from oesophagus (you can see it in this video). After surgery should not give any water or liquid diet up to 48hrs (Need to give only salines and other medication). After 48 hours we have given water, later given liquid diet up to 5-6 days. On 7th day we have given green grass… Now animal is complete healthy.