మినీ ట్యాంక్ బండ్ కల్కి చెరువు
Mini Tank Bund Kalki Cheruvu, Banswada
Category Adventure, Recreational

Banswada Kalki Pond to be turned into a mini tank bund, now Boating facilities have been started in Kalki Cheruvu…

Koulas Fort
Koulas Fort Koulas (V), Jukkal (M)
Category Adventure, Historic

The village of Kowlas is a historical place, situated in Jukkal Mandal of Kamareddy District. According to local tradition, Kowlas…

నిజాం సాగర్, కామారెడ్డి జిల్లా
Nizam Sagar Dam, Nizamsagar (V) & (M)
Category Adventure, Historic, Recreational

There are a lot of tourist attractions and things to see and experience in Kamareddy. But to enjoy the beauty…